Christmas Celebrated in Haflong


HALFLONG, Dec 27: Along with rest of the world the Christians in Dima Hasao dist on Tuesday celebrated Christmas the birth of Jesus Christ, the savior of the world.

The whole Haflong wore illuminated look as Churches, streets, houses and commercial establishment were seen colourfully decorated. Well lit Christmas Stars that can be seen hung almost anywhere and everywhere, singing of Christmas carols and visits by Santa Claus have added to the fervor of the celebrations.

With the sound of carol in the air and colorfully decorated churches, Christmas is celebrated with all its grandeur in Assam as the festival of peace and joy. In this festival, both Christians and non-Christians take part with equal enthusiasm.

Christmas signifies the birth of Jesus Christ on Earth and the festival holds a spiritual significance among the believers and a number of rituals are performed on the occasion, including a midnight mass in the cathedrals on the night of Eve.