20th Martyr’s Day of Karbi Longri NC Hills Liberation Front held


Appeal ceasefire UPLA and KPLT to join them in achieving their aims

DIPHU, Dec 6: The Karbi Longri NC Hills Liberation Front (KLNLF) commemorated its 20th Martyrs’ Day at its campuses in Taralangso, Parokhowa and Rongmongve on Thursday.

The event started at 9:00 am with unfurling of the organizational flag led by its chairman P.Dilli and Thong Teron while homage to martyrs was led by Songja Timung and Prakash Kathar.

A public meeting was held from 11:00 am under the chairmanship of KLNLF chairman P.Dilli. While addressing the gathering, the chairman talked about the martyrs who lost their lives for the sake of autonomous state. He talked about how the outfit came to the streamline to maintain peace and harmony on February 11, 2010 and detailed its struggles and reasons for taking up arms as well as placed its charter of demands in front of the government. He also briefed about the struggles the outfit faced in the peace talk process and declared that KLNLF is on its way to bring framework agreement with the government.

“There are lots of organizations and political parties but very few leaders actually fight for autonomous state. Many speak of it but very few actually fight for it. It is time to wake up from our deep slumber before it is too late. Let us come together and fight together so that we will be able to protect our motherland,” he stated.

P.Dilli also talked about the 8 year long struggle ever since the outfit came to the peace ground and lamented over the less number of leaders who really wanted or fight for statehood movement.

Talking about the talks and framework agreement, the chairman stated that so far KLNLF and the Government of India had so far had 55 talks and is on its way towards success. He also appealed the UPLA and KPLT to join with them in achieving their aims.