Rengma Tribe Celebrates Ngada Festival at Diphu


DIPHU, Dec 05: The Rengma Naga tribe living in Diphu has organized Ngada festival, the biggest festival of the Rengma Naga at Rengma colony, Diphu on November 28 last with the theme “Empowering Culture to Uphold Identity” to mark the completion of yearlong harvest derived from agriculture, informed Rengma Naga Cultural Society (RNCS), Diphu Zone President Mr. Rega S. Rengma on Wednesday.

Rengma stated that the grand Ngada festival began after hoisting the society’s flag early in the morning at 8.00 a.m. by himself in presence of Chandrasing Kro, president, Karbi Cultural Society (KCS) Central Committee, Taralangso who attended the festival as chief guest.

Kro in his speech narrated the historical facts of cordial relationship between Rengma Naga and Karbi tribe since times immemorial and reiterated continuance of this legacy along with other fellow tribe peoples in the days to come. He also stated that peaceful coexistence among all peoples has to be maintained at all cost in the spirit of reconciliation and forgiveness.

The RNCS also express gratefulness to Lolita Jishing, Kanti Jishing and Phenpiga Himbu and also the appointed speaker Dagi Sebu for sharing their experience and valuable suggestion on the theme. Sebu who addressed the gathering dwelt at length on the significance of Ngada Festival. The RNCS also gave special thanks to all invited guests, media persons, anchor and the cultural troupe representing the Karbi Traditional Music Culture and Research Institute, Lorulangso Diphu and the Rengma Culture Troupe for displaying their colourful traditional folk dance “Ritnong Chingdi”, Penbun Kalu and Chalila. Another notable attraction of Ngada festival this year was felicitation to 16 artistes under Diphu Zone. They were honoured with Certificate of Appreciation in their respective field of proficiency. The RNCS express thankfulness to the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) authority led by CEM Tuliram Ronghang, every individual and households for generously extending financial help towards the successful holding of Ngada festival. They also thank the Deputy Commissioner, Karbi Anglong for giving full security arrangement and maintenance of law & order during the Ngada festival period.