KAAC Indulging in Rampant Corruption by Banning Protests: PFP & KHDPO


Submits Memorandum to Governor for CBI Inquiry

DIPHU, Dec 05: In an explosive memorandum, the People For People (PFP) & Karbi Hills Development & Protection Organization (KHDPO) has accused the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) of indulging in misuse of funds amounting to crores of rupees without any fear and impunity through banning of protests, rallies or dharnas by organizations. This was stated in a memorandum submitted to the Assam Governor on November 30, 2018.

The two organizations stated that KAAC had devised the policy to curb any protests by knowing fully that organizations of the district are not registered and therefore, banning of protests on the pretext of organizations of not non-registering with the government had opened the opportunity for the autonomous council to misuse funds with impunity.

In its press statement, the organizations charged that the KAAC has become like a North Korean regime. “There is huge and rampant corruption but people do not dare speak out against the corruption. Crores of rupees are spent on nonexistent works. There are so called development works but quality of those works is deplorable, the works are mere eyes wash. The KAAC got great advantage to indulge in corruption with the notice issued by the District Magistrate, Karbi Anglong, Diphu. The NOTICE No. KMJ-11(A)/PMN/Pt- 1/2016-17/38, dated 9 March, 2017 reads in quote “It is for general information to all concerned that only registered/recognized organizations/associations, etc. may apply for permission for holding any rally/procession/demonstration etc. The application for permission should be submitted with copy of registration certificate. No registered/unrecognized organization will be allowed to organize any kind of programme mentioned above…” With this notice organizations or associations found it difficult to stage any protest against the corrupt practice by the KAAC. With the notice there was rare any organizations/associations to dispute the corrupt activities of the KAAC.

Therefore corruption under KAAC multiplied,” the organizations charged.

The two organizations also stated that rampant encroachment of Karbi Anglong border areas are taking place on daily basis. “The government of Assam not adopting a concrete steps to secure the borders of Karbi Anglong is very saddening and is a step motherly attitude,” the organizations said. “The forests land is encroached unabated, forests trees are felled and wildlife poached and hunted very rampantly. The forest resources and mineral resources are illegally exploited. The appropriate authority and government were appraised time and again by various organizations to redress the issue. In the past few years, the Reserve Forests of Dhansiri and Daldali and Langkaijan forest are highly encroached. The said forests land supposed to be abode of wild elephants and wildlife remained contaminated with encroachment and permanent settlement of human beings. This is highly atrocious. The Assam government and Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) authority must immediately take steps to evict the settlers from the Dhansiri and Daldali Reserve Forests and Langkaijan forest,” added the organizations.

Further, the two organizations informed that they filed numerable FIRs before the Vigilance & Anti Corruption, Assam, filed complaint before the Assam Human Rights Commission against government officials, contractors and KAAC EMs for their involvement in corruption and fraud cases stating that they had also staged demonstrations on February13, 2017 in Diphu and on March 21and 22, 2017 in Guwahati and again on March 30, 2017 in Diphu. “We also staged demonstration in Diphu on 12 April, 2017 demanding protection of Karbi Anglong Borders, Forests and Wildlife, and arrest of corrupt people. Our demonstrations have not yielded results,” said the organizations.

“Corruption is one of the biggest threats to Karbi Anglong. It is plaguing the society Our youths are getting frustrated day by day with the corrupt KAAC. We fear some misguided youths may resort to extremism. We are tired of the gun culture. The government must seriously and immediately redress the issue of corruption under KAAC,” the organizations pointed.

The local organizations urged the Governor to take action on the serious matter including for institution of CBI inquiry into the misuse of fund by the KAAC, steps to permanently secure the border of Karbi Anglong, eviction the settlers from the Dhansiri and Daldali Reserve Forests and Langkaijan forest and renew afforestation in the reserve forests and measures to protect the wildlife and stop illegal exploitation of mineral resources.

The organizations concluded their memorandum stating that they would continue to demonstrate democratic agitation until their demands are not fulfilled.

The memorandum to the Governor was jointly signed by PFP president Longkiri Timung, general secretary Bolon Engti, KHDPO president Morningson Teron and vice-president Mirbising Taro.