8th Commemoration of Kajir Ronghangpi Held at Kindu Langso


‘We Will Never Allow Even an Inch of Karbi Anglong for Inclusion in ESZs’: KAAC CEM

DOLAMARA, Dec 05: Under the initiative of Art & Culture Department, Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) the 8th Commemoration of Kajir Ronghangpi whose name signifies the present Kaziranga National Park was held at Kohora with a grand programme.

On the occasion, plastering of floor of Soil Conservation IB, boundary walland main gate of Kajir Ronghangpi Memorial Park was inaugurated by KAAC CEM Tuliram Ronghang in presence of other dignitaries followed by garlanding to the statue of Kajir Ronghangpi which was erected at the site.

The meeting was chaired by KAAC EM Rupsing Teron, i/c Art and Culture, etc and graced by KAAC CEM Tuliram Ronghang as chief guest. The veneration ceremony was also attended by KAAC Deputy Chairman Ritesh Enghi and host of Team Karbi Anglong
West Karbi Anglong School Inspector, i/c Katharson Engti briefed out the life and history of Kajir Ronghangpi. He said that the present Kaziranga National Park (KNP) was once the village of Kajir Ronghangpi and lived by the Karbi tribe. The present Kaziranga is derived from the Karbi word ‘Kajir a rong’ which means ‘village of Kajir’.

According to the Karbi oral history the present fragments of monoliths which found near Kaziranga National Park at ‘Hem keru Anglong’ in Karbi meaning ‘hills of ruined houses’ near Numaligarh, Golaghat district associated with Karbi rule. The monoliths were found scattered in the area bear the testimony of the truth.

While speaking at the meeting, KAAC CEM Tuliram Ronghang said that in order to promote tourism in Kindu Langso (Kohora) area, initiative will be made from Panchayat & Rural Development (P&RD) Department. “The country India has regarded ‘Kaziranga’ as tourist icon and in order to boost the area as tourist hub, the Central Government proposed Rs. 10,000/- crore. The 80 percent geographical area of present Kaziranga National Park fall under Karbi Anglong district therefore to uplift the area and to boost tourism, the KAAC authority will sign a MoU with the Centre at the earliest,” said Ronghang. He assured the gathering that for beautification purpose and development of Kaipholangso Waterfall, they will approach State Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma to sanction a special package. He further said that Deithor-Panjan-Malasi (DPM) road will be constructed at the earliest for the welfare of the people in the constituency and we will never allow even an inch of Karbi Anglong for inclusion in Eco-Sensitive Zones (ESZs). We will meet the authority of National Green Tribunal (NGT) and discuss the matter at the earliest.

Earlier, the Art and Culture Department, KAAC organised Painting Competition for school going children. The competition were divided into two category A & B for students of Class-I to V and Class-IV to XII respectively. Students from neighbouring district Golaghat too participated in the competition beside students from Karbi Anglong district.

Altogether 82 students have participated and in Group (A) category Anikaso Englengpi (a village school) was adjudged as first and second and third goes to Aswar Rongpi (Springdale English School), Ankita Bhumi (Kahora Banua LP School) respectively. While in Group (B) category Bhaiti Tokbi (GDSG College) was selected as first, Suman Karmakar (Kaziranga National Park High School) judge as second and Gulson Engti (Chandrsing Rongpi Memorial High School) as third.