Red Horns Division organizes awareness drive and lecture on HIV aids in Deithor


DIPHU/DEITHOR, Dec 02: The awareness cum lecture programme on the dreaded HIV was held at Deithor High School on Saturday. The programme was organized by COB Deithor of Red Horns Division in conjunction with Public Health Centre and Deithor High School

The programme has been organized with the aim creating awareness on healthy body and prevention of HIV/Aids including its precautions.  The team of doctors from the Public Health Centre conducted an awareness lecture explaining necessity of carrying out precautions to avoiding the dreaded HIV positive or Aids deceases. The medical officers also explained various National Programmes undertaken by both State and Central Government in improving overall awareness and precautionary measures.

Over 115 students, twelve teachers and headmen of three villages participated in the programme who also pledged to spread the same message and information about everything taught and highlighted in today’s programme which culminated with the resolution of all present to endeavour for a healthier body towards a healthier mind.