Tekeralangso FC Defeats Jengkha Morning Star Academy by 2-1 Goals in Jengkha


JENGKHA/HARLONGSORA, Nov 28: The football championship organized in memory of Lt.Dhonsing Engleng by Jengkha Sports Association (JSA) was concluded today in the shocking but pleasant victory of Tekeralangso FC who defeated Jengkha Morning Star Academy by 2-1 goals.

The final match was witnessed by Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) EM Mongol Sing Timung, Kopili VDC chairman Honsing Terang, LAMPS chairman Pitor Timung, social worker Rensing Kro, Gautom Timung, Rensing Timung and Kangbura Teron among others.