1st MAC Cup Football Tournament under Hamren MAC Constituency Held


PHELANGPI/JENGKHA/HAMREN, Nov 21: As directed by KAAC CEM Tuliram Ronghang to organize constituency level football tournament to bring sports culture in the district, the 1st MAC Cup Football Tournament under No. 8 Hamren MAC constituency has kick-started at Telehor playground from today.

The opening match was played between Chek artu Polling Station versus Deori Engleng Polling Station where the later won the match by 4-0.

The opening ceremony was attended by KAAC speaker Longki Timung, MACs Darsing Ronghang, Prabhat Ch. Taro and West Karbi Anglong BJP president Arun Terang, ex-Board Chairman Bidyasing Teron and other dignitaries.

Speaking on the occasion, the guests present encouraged the youths of the constituency to participate in such event. “We should grab such opportunity to participate and should consider that this is a platform to reach the higher level. Sports should be made way of life as it will give not only a good health but healthy people have a healthy mind,” said Longki Timung.

He also appeal to the youth to learn from the life of local veteran footballers like Joel Bey, Sanjiva Rongpi who are now settled and make their career through football.