ST (H) to Bodos Politically Motivated, A Sinister Plan to Exterminate Hills Tribes: ASDC


To hold strong demonstration on November 12

DIPHU, Nov 05: The ASDC, KSA and KNCA took strong exception to the Union Government’s move to grant ST (H) status to the Bodos living in Karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao. This was informed in a press statement jointly issued by the three fronts here this evening.

Mentioning that the government’s plan is to bring the bill in the forthcoming winter Parliament session, the press statement mentioned that the tribes living in the hills have definitely distinctive difference from the tribes of other areas which is well recognized by anthropologists and social scientists.

“The hills tribes are more insular and economically, socially and educationally more backward than other tribes. The British recognized this fact and that is the main reason behind demarcating the hills areas as excluded and partially excluded areas. That is why, Article 330 (1) (b) and (c) were incorporated in the constitution reserving seats in the Assembly and parliament for the tribes belonging to Autonomous Districts only. This is the reason behind making two difference lists of tribes in the state of Assam,” the press statement mentioned.

The regional front also mentioned that Part II of the constitution (ST) order 1950 that applies to Assam has two different lists which include 15 tribes including 37 Kuki sub-tribes but Bodo Kachari was not included. Claiming that the tribe was not include since anthropologically they knew that Bodos don’t come from the hills and hence they were not included in the category and very few were living in the hills in 1950s but migrated to the hills from the plains after 1960.

“The BJP-led government repeated attempt to grant ST (H) status to the Bodos is politically motivated. This is a sinister design to gradually exterminate the already marginalized hills tribes like Karbis, Dimasas, Garo, Hmars, Kukis, Khasis, Jiantias, Man and Nagas. Granting ST to Bodos will make the article 330 (1) (b) (c) of the constitution that reserves seats for the ST of the Autonomous Districts severely diluted. The very constitutional mechanism of protecting the more insular and more backward hills tribes will be eroded making the hills tribes vulnerable to being overwhelmed by the advance Bodos. The lone parliamentary seat and all the assembly seats in the hills will no longer remain exclusive to the 15 hills tribes. The hills tribes shall have to complete with the educationally more advanced Bodos for Government jobs,” the press statement mentioned.

The ASDC, KSA and KNCA has also strongly condemned that bill and demanded the government to withdraw this proposal to give ST (Hills) status to the Bodos living in the twin hills districts. The fronts further declared that they are going to hold a protest demonstration on November 12, 2018 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm to protest over the issue and appealed all tribes to join in the demonstration.