RNCS Submits Memorandum to KAAC CEM, Appeals for Cultural Hall and Budget Allocation for its Development and Preservation


DIPHU, Nov 05: The Rengma Naga Cultural Society (RNCS), Diphu Zone has submitted a memorandum to KAAC CEM Tuliram Ronghang on November 5 demanding allotment and sanction for construction of Rengma Naga Cultural Conference Hall at Diphu and budget allocation for development and preservation of Rengma Naga traditional culture for RNCS, Diphu Zone.

The memorandum submitted today was as follow up of the matter raised with KAAC CEM in the last NGADA Festival during which CEM Ronghang promised to consider it at the earliest possible time.

In its memorandum the RNCS said, “Like other fellow communities, the Rengmas too have their own colourful attire, culture, rites and customs being practiced with varied significance. We felt that immediate attention for further development and preservation of the same is a must. However, we ar constrained to point out that due to lack of sufficient fund support, we couldn’t do much according to our expectation, as it has to involve several lakhs of rupees for its development and maintenance as well,” the memorandum stated.

The Rengma Naga tribe, inhabiting in the district are peace loving people having their distinct ways of livelihood, dialect and rich culture handed down through oral tradition since time immemorial, the Rengma body said. Further, the RNCS stated that the cordial relationship between Rengmas and other communities tells that they are peace loving people. The memorandum appealed the KAAC authority for construction of a Rengma Naga cultural conference hall at Diphu and to declare NGADA festival a restricted holiday in recognition of its history and rich culture connected with Karbi Anglong.