People of Singhason observe 15th Martyrs’ Day 


KAAC EM Amar sing Tisso assured any possible help to victims families

Staff Reporter

LONGLIT, Nov 2: The Karbi Students Association (KSA), Longnit Head Branch, Karbi Lammet Amei (KLA), Singhason Branch, KAASDCOM, Inglongpo (Singhason) Constituency Committee, KRA, Longnit Branch, KARSA, Longnit Branch and the people of 20th Singhason MAC Constituency jointly remembered Karbi villagers who were killed during Karbi-Kuki clashed in 2003 at Longnit on Friday.

Speaking on the occasion, chief guest of the 15th Martyrs’ Day programme KAAC Speaker Longki Tiumung said that Karbis are peace loving people with a great heart. Though the Kuki extremist group (Kuki Revolutionary Army) killed more than 50 innocent Karbi villagers we never thought of taking revenge against the Kuki tribe living in Karbi Anglong district. In this present generation, taking revenge against our enemy with a weapon in fools but we can win the hearts of the people with proper education. I call upon the victim families to excel in their studies to bring good name to the society.

Local MAC and KAAC EM Amarsing Tisso, i/c Irrigation, Agriculture, etc. assured all possible help to the victims’ families to improve their living. He also appraised to work out as per the memorandum jointly submitted by several students, literary and social organizations of Singhason MAC constituency demanding for proper rehabilitation of all displaced people of the constituency and to provide self-employment schemes such as piggery, duckery, poultry and others.

He also declared at the meeting that permanent building for KSA Longnit Head Branch along with boundary wall and toile will be constructed as soon as possible beside immediate construction of Memorial Park and Statue of Ru Semson Sing Ingti, founder of Karbi Anglong district also Khorsing Terang, first CEM of then Mikir Hills district who is a local resident of Singhason at Mohendijua. Everyone knows that Mohendijua is famous for the place or location where the first memorandum was submitted to Sir Robert Neil Reid, K.C.S., K.C.S. I., K.C.S. E.,  I.C.S,  then Governor of Assam for separate Karbi hill district or political identity for Karbi people led by Ru Semson sing Ingti accompanied by  Khorsing Terang, Song Bey and others on October 28, 1940.

He further assured to provide proper drinking water facility to people living at Langklangvong Model Village and to work out within 2018 in consultation with KAAC EM i/c PHE and to inaugurate 30 bedded Hospital at Longnit for the greater benefit to the poor people living in the constituency.