MAC Horensing Bey Visit LP School in Hongkram on Second Day of Gunotsav


JENGKHA, Nov 01: The four day long Gunotsav programme which got underway completed its second day at Hongkram Adarsha Basic LP School under Rongkhang Education Block today.

The event commenced on October 31 and will conclude on November 3 respectively. On the second day today local MAC Horensing Bey attended the event as external evaluator and attended by instructor Urmika Engtipi, teachers of the school Maloti Beypi, Santi Tissopi, Biplabi Das, students and parents of the school. During the day, MAC Horensing Bey tested the capabilities of students by asking questions, making them to read and write.

While addressing the gathering consisting of students, parents and teachers, MAC Bey particularly stressed about various aspect of education and also promised to construct boundary wall, gate and repair ring well from under his own expenses. The day concluded with singing of national anthem and community lunch at the school premises.