Chavang Kut Post Harvesting Autumn Festival of Kuki Tribes Celebrated in Dima Hasao


Suroj Barman
HAFLONG, Nov 01: The autumn post harvesting festival of Kuki Tribe ‘Chavang Kut’ is being celebrated by the Kuki Community living in Dima Hasao district with full of gaiety at Songpijang village, Haflong. NC Hills Autonomous Council EM Kulendra Daulagupu graced the program as a chief guest.

The program commenced with a prayer followed by a hoisting of Chavang Kut flag and a welcome dance performed by the youths. Several Kuki cultural dances were performed demonstrating history, culture and life of the Kuki people by the youths.

Chavang Kut Festival the most colourful and awaited festival of the Kuki tribes every year on 1st November, the festivals is observed indifferent manner with joy and merry making such as Min Kut (Kut of job’s), Chang Kut (Paddy Kut), Pawl Kut (harvest Kut) and Thai lop (Kut of Vegetables) and observed with arrival of new crop unless like other tribal community elsewhere in north eastern part of India with respite and recreation after the crop has been reap and to begin the new work. On the occasion when the village folks praise god for blessings given to them, even the poorest villager forgets his state of poverty when the Kut festival approach. It is a time for a man and woman to rejoice. The rejoicing is immensely felt that everyone that even the Kut is over memories of the occasion remain afresh. It is a time of harvesting time of various crops and a great time for the farmers when the hard labour are rewarded and share with their families and community.

The villages in the rural and urban scenario are filled with festive mood and young, old, men and women join the merry-making praying feasting, drinking, and singing, dancing and sporting in a traditional way. The festival also symbolizes unity in diversity among all and plays its significant role in preserving the cultural tradition, cultural heritage extending socialization process. The Chavang kut Festival is perhaps most importantly is ‘thanks giving day’ earlier as well till today.

The day has been declared as a restricted holiday by Assam Government since 2017 and is celebrated in all Kuki inhabited area of Dima Hasao and different parts of the country.