KADCC to Organise Sit-in-Demonstration in Nilip Today


Shakti Abhijan Launch at Dolamara

DOLAMARA, Oct 09: Ahead of Parliamentary elections, Congress (I) launched its youth wing known as ‘Shakti Abhijan’ on October 9 at Dolamara Congress (I) Committee office.

The party also marched to proper Dolamara market and blocked the main road for 30 minutes before gathering for a meeting. The meeting was presided over by president of Nilip Block Mondal Congress Committee Rajen Ingti while object of the meeting was briefed out by president of Nilip Mondal Congress Khogen Terang.

Several dignitaries who include general secretary of KADCC Suren Singnar, ex MLA Bokajan Klengdoon Ingti, general secretary of Shakti Lok Sampark Abhijan and district co-ordinator Anil Borah, Lok Sampark Abhijan Nilip Block co-ordinator Tommy Ingti, Debendro Rongpi, Wesley Langneh, Lily Ronghangpi, Roland Ingti, Daniel Terang, Edward Teron and other attended the event.

During the event, Suren singnar in his speech blamed the ruling BJP government for misusing government funds and projects in every department and also showed his disappointment over the poor road condition of Dolamara and blamed the corrupted contractors and officials.

On the other hand, Anil Borah also stated the roads will turn into rivulets if another 5 years is given to the BJP. He also blamed the ruling party for imposition of Panchayat and explained that there will be no more MACs, MLAs, MPs if the system come into force. He later explained about the formation of Shakti Abhijan and provided an SMS no. 8108402406 to get the details about the registration of the Shakti Abjijan and also stated that 10 persons from every PCCs will be called for the formation of Shakti Abhijan.