Herd of Wild Elephants seen Grazing near PWD Road in Dolamara


DOLAMARA, Oct 09: A herd of wild elephants had seen grazing near PWD road connecting from Dolamara to Bokakhat in the daytime on Tuesday.

While speaking to media, the villagers said that this is not the first instance that the wild elephants are seen grazing in Tea Garden and near human habitations openly. Due to which there was always Human-elephant conflict and several lives were lost and there is extensive damage to crops and property.

On Tuesday, the passersby are in panic while crossing the Reserve Forest as it may fall to the prey of the wild elephants herd. The public of Dolamara and Bokaghat area demand immediate clearing of the climber by cutting down all the bushes on both sides of the PWD road so that everything would be visible.

One of the Forest’s staff posted at Dolamara Forest Range also informed that the quarter windows were damage last night and later he escaped to another room and stated that there were no any such equipments or firecrackers to disperse the herd of wild elephants.