Extortion Attempt a Plot to Tarnish my Image and Harm me: J.I. Kathar


DIPHU, Oct 06: In a latest development, 24+ Organizations adviser and retired IAS officer JI Kathar said that no one will gain anything from him urging misguided persons not harm him or be misled and used by agent provocateurs against the hill tribes’ people. This was stated in a press statement issued by retired IAS officer here in Diphu today.

The 24+ Organizations adviser stated that one person who identified himself as one ‘Mr. Hanse’ had demanded money from him which was made through phone call from mobile phone number 6901019813. “I told him that I did not have money. He told me that I had much money because I was the Adviser of 24+Organizations. I told him that 24+ Organizations were in financial difficulty to meet the expenses for the court cases and other expenditures to carry on the work for implementation of the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution of India. He also stated that ‘Mr. Hanse’ threateningly scolded me and he charged me that I did not love the Karbi people and that I had much money, collected as donations from the public and he said that if liked I could easily give him at least Rs.24,000/- by taking Rs. 1000/- from each of the 24 organizations.

Further Kathar said, “This attempted extortion is not simple. It seems to be a preparation to tarnish my image after harming me physically by publishing fabricated and false news in the media that the culprits had harmed me because I was involved in collection of huge money in the name of the 24+Organizations.”

In addition to this Kathar said, “I make it clear to all the people that I do not collect donation for the 24+Organizations. I spend for all my needs and for public service, including for the programmes of 24+Organizations from my pension money. I am not in charge of financial matters of 24+Organizations in any way.”

The retired IAS officer through said that the press statement today was issued convey the message to the misguided persons that no one will gain anything by harming him or even by taking away his life. “I request them not to harm me. And I advise them not to allow themselves to be utilized by agent provocateurs against the Hills Tribes peoples.

Loss of one Karbi life is equal to the loss of lives of lacks of majority people,” Kathar concluded.