State BJP President Attends Party Meeting in WKA, State Govt. to Provide Rs. 10,000 cr. Annually for Council: CEM


DONGKAMUKAM, Sept 29: Prices of the essential commodities was much lower during the current Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government than the UPA regime claimed by State BJP president Ronjit Kumar Dass while addressing BJP West Karbi Anglong district meet at Tumpreng on Friday.

The party meeting was presided over by West KA District BJP president Arun Terang. Apart from the state BJP president Ronjit Kumar Das and Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) CEM Tuliram Ronghang attended the meeting beside host of KAAC elected representatives.

During the party meet the BJP state president said that price of Lentil (dal) was between Rs. 60-70, potato at Rs. 30 and onion was around Rs. 30 though he admitted that price of fuel is very high at the moment but said that it was due to similar scene at the international level and it is much lower than UPA regime.

“We always stood up for the poor and would always continue to do so and that’s why all the schemes launched by our government are pro-poor,” he continued.

Further the state BJP president said their party is the world’s largest party and therefore that every BJP Karyakartas, after receiving the appointment letter, should feel proud about it. We all have the responsibility work relentlessly to strengthen the party with full confidence.

He also said that party’s assignment should be completed within time frame and must not delay any works related to door to door meet, appraising government’s schemes etc. to the people. As part of party’s preparation for general election, the state BJP also distributed appointment letters of Page Incharges to the workers during the meeting today.

CEM Tuliram Ronghang who accompanied the BJP state president in the meet proudly claimed that a highest vote in the history of election held in the district was recorded at Bithung Rengthama MAC constituency, his home constituency. In addition to this CEM also said that he has approached Assam Government through state BJP president Ronjit Das to provide Rs 10,000 crores annually for Council.

Altogether 3,166 party workers who were appointed as page incharges for West Karbi Anglong were distributed the appointment letter.