KARAA to hold 3rd annual meeting from September 21


DIPHU, Sept 13: The 3rd annual meeting Karbi Rong Asar Amei (KARAA) would be held from September 21-23, 2018. This was informed by organisation here today.

During the three days meeting several important subjects related to development, progress, Karbi customary law and justice, traditional attires worn by headmen, Karbi King, Pinpo, Habe, Basapo, Motijar, Longri Asar, Hot asar, Vophong asar, Rong asar, rmoving any prejudices for unity of headmen and others would be taken up for discussion.

Karbi King Ramsing Ronghang has been invited as chief guest and other noted guests to grace the event include presidents and secretaries of Ser Hongthom Amei, Longri Krehini Sar Have Amei, Hima Longri Ser Hongthom Paklar Amei, Duar Bagori Mouza Sar Amei, Karbi Lammet Amei (KLA), Karbi Cultural Society (KCS), Karbi Aronbarim Karkli Amei, Hemphu Mukrang Amei, All Karbi Anglong SGBA, Puta Karbi Baptist Association, Karbi Rong Asarthe Asong, Fr. John Timung, renown writer Dharamsing Teron and HTL convenor Saising Rongpi.

The concluding day would be graced by Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) CEM Tuliram Ronghang, MAC and KAAC chairman Longki Timung, KAAC deputy chairman Ritesh Enghi, MP Biren Sing Engti, and all EMs and MACs of the KAAC.

The central organising committee has also urged all participants to contact president Ajit Dera at -91010660996 and secretary Julias Terang at 9365627449 for all details related to transportation, food and reception committee etc.