SSIC Observes 2nd Foundation Day in Diphu, Leaders Urge Youths to take over the Mantle and Uphold Sixth Schedule Institution


DIPHU, Sept 12: The 2nd Foundation Day of the Sixth Schedule Implementation Committee (SSIC) celebrated at Rangsina Sarpo Auditorium Hall, Lorulangso, Diphu today. Present at the event include Karbi Lammet Amei (KLA) president and chief guest Suren Kramsa, retired IAS officer and SSIC adviser JI Kathar, Hill Tribes League (HTL) convenor Saising Rongpi, social worker from Dima Hasao Sanjeevan Langthasa, Lakhijan Baptist Church pastor Aaron Teron, United Karbi Students’ Association (UKSA) president Ratan Terang, 24+ Orgs convenor Angtong Engti Kathar and Karbi Anglong Social Development Organisation (KASDO) president Rakesh Ronghang.

The foundation day programme began at 9:30 AM with flag hoisting ceremony. The formal meeting which commenced at 10:00 AM was chaired by SSIC president Semson Teron and guests of the foundation day celebration programme were accorded with warm welcome and felicitated by SSIC secretary Pranjal Kro. SSIC cultural secretary and young and popular singer Christin Teron presented special songs dedicated to the SSIC and its works which inspired and enthralled the crowd present at the event which include students from Serdihun Girls’ Hostel, Rasinja Girls Hostel and Waisong Boys’ Hostel of the Diphu Government College.

HTL convenor during his speech appreciated the works of the SSIC and assured all support from HTL on the issues and demands for proper implementation of the Sixth Schedule to the Indian Constitution.

Chief Guest of the event KLA president Suren Kramsa also informed that their organization was working on several important issues including language policy stating that making Karbi as MIL subject from school to university level has been their long standing aspiration and they are currently working for its approval. If it could pass then it would be a historic day for the Karbis. He also said that Karbis are also known as Mikir or Karbi or Arleng and therefore, one should accept as per known in respective states and region.

As per its schedule SSIC adviser JI Kathar gave the brief account and emergence of SSIC during which he highlighted several important points related to its history, of individual people involved in debates and drafting of the Sixth Schedule at the Constituent Assembly Debates. He said that Sixth Schedule is the most abhorred constitution by people who do not want tribals to progress and grow along with the nation. He also cited several historical events of the past when the state took advantage and inserted several clauses and created way to intervene and disrupt into the affairs of the autonomous council if they do not agree to it by way of amendments when and which was not necessary. He urged the upcoming tribal youths to stand and uphold the Sixth Schedule with all of the hearts and soul.

24+ Orgs convenor Angtong Engti Kathar also urged the upcoming youths of the district to take over the mantle of the movement for the protection of tribal people which is possible only through proper implementation of Sixth Schedule institution.

UKSA president Ratan Terang in his very short speech also urged upon all to support the movement for the implementation of the Sixth Schedule. He also reminded that many leaders have now past their time and therefore, youths have to take up the responsibility on their shoulders to protect their people, language, culture and identity. He also said no one should allow entry and settlement of illegal migrants in the district and state.

During his presidential SSIC president Semson Teron also reiterated that young generation should come forward and take up the responsibility and work for the future generations.

Vote of thanks was delivered by assistant general secretary tanks Longkumar Bey who expressed immense gratitude to chief guest, invited guests, founding members, leaders of various organisations, students, youths who have come from different parts of Karbi Anglong including Hamren.