Mahurat of Karbi Film ‘Thong Nokbe Amen’ Held


DIPHU, Aug 31: Mahurat of the film ‘Thong Nokbe Amen’ was held in front of Thong Nokbe statue at Karbi Peoples Hall, Taralangso on Thursday.

The film will be directed by Membor Terang and Prem Terang Dilli, story & script was written by Membor Terang and actors who include Rajiv Terang, Mirmilli Rongpipi, Nirmali Teronpi, Enush Timung, Bidya Teron, Prem Terang Dilli, Sumbi Rongpipi, Raju Engti, Dilip Bey and Im Ronghang will be casted in the thriller.

The film will particularly include about the Karbi legend Thong Nokbe who was a legendary warrior in Karbi history.

While interacting with the director Membor Terang, he stated the film will cost at least 20 lakhs and most of the shooting will be carried out in West Karbi Anglong where most of the legend’s remnants are located.