Government College Road in Pathetic Condition: Student Submit Memo to Chairman HTC


HALFLONG, Aug 24: The students of Haflong Government College on Monday submitted a memorandum to the Chairman of Haflong Town Committee (HTC) Anil Daulagupu citing their various demands to prohibit garbage dumping, illegal parking, polluting industry in the college approach road.

The memo also stated that there has been lots of illegal activities constantly going on in front of the college like dumping of garbage which not only gives unhygienic atmosphere but also degrade the dignity of the college. Beside the footpath of the college approach road is too worst to use by the pedestrian. The wielding centre constitute at the college road sometimes openly placed heavy material at the road which are dangerous for passerby. The material dumped by hardware shop at the college road and ever flowing water from PHE leaked pipeline in the college approach road make it more hazardous and vulnerable to cross it.

The memo urged the concerned authority to immediately repair the college approach road which is in pathetic condition and to repairs all PHE leak pipeline as soon as possible. They requested the authority concerned to prohibit parking of vehicles in the approach road. The student also urges the concerned authorities to look into matter and repairs the road as soon as possible.

Sources also informed that earlier students have approach the concerned authority but pay no heed to their grievances.

Other hand, the residents of that area have shown serious concern over the deplorable state of the road leading to college and oldest temple of Haflong, Kali Mandir. They also concern over the establishment of polluting business like wielding shop, cements, sands, bricks, mounting of scrap material and plying of heavy vehicles and parking due to which it becomes difficult for the passerby and students. These have led to sound and pollution, effecting physical and mental health of the people. The road during rainy season became a mini stream and as the drainage system is very poor. Litter of Haflong market is also wash down by the rain water and making it untidy and unhygienic.

Speaking to this correspondent Chairman of H.T.C Anil Daulagupu said that prohibitory orders will be issued soon and garbage, drainage system will be cleared while the necessary instruction will also be forwarded to concerned authority.

It can be mentioned that it is matter of pride that the Dima Hasao own the third Government College and is a pioneer educational institute in entire Assam; it is matter of concerned that the road condition is in bad shape and require urgent attention. Now it is part of the concerned authority to repair the most important road in the vicinity of Haflong town by way of constructing proper road with drainage system, footpath along with beautification and to prohibit polluting business is anticipated by the general public.