Abiogenesis Tours Tunisia, Performs in Five Cities


By Aiyushman Dutta
GUWAHATI, Aug 11: Naga Folk Fusion band Abiogenesis toured Tunisia for five performances in five coastal cities from 3rd to 7th of August.

The band landed on August 3, which was the last day of the food festival at The Orangers Beach Resort and Bungalows in Hammamet city. The band was put up in two of the 381 rooms and suites for the night at the beautiful sprawling resort. They were also provided a mini tour AC bus with a driver and a guide for their entire tour. On 4th, they headed for an island city, Karkanna. The 5 hours trip included a one hour ferry across the Mediterranean Sea along with the bus. After performing for two hours from 10 pm, they headed for Hotel Monastir Center in Monashir city. This was the band’s base camp for the remaining tour and stayed there till 8th August.

On 5th August at Ksour Essaf city, they could perform for only half an hour as a drama staged before them took overtime. On 6th August, they performed at Hammen Ezzriba city. The last concert on 7th August was at Gabes city. The band travelled for about six hours from Monastir to perform there.

The Festival of India in Tunisia was arranged and coordinated by the Embassy of India at Tunis and the Tour was sponsored by the Government of India. The tour bus and stay was provided by the Ministry of Culture, Government of Tunisia.