Congress (I) party formed Booth Committee under Mahamaya MAC constituency



DEN ARONG, Aug 8: In order to strengthen Congress party, leaders who include ex-EM Bidyasing Rongpi, Anil Bora and others went over to Junthung PCC, Matikhula PCC left wing and Pung Aji PCC left and right wing under Mahamaya MAC constituency and formed a new booth committee after dissolving the old ones.

At Junthung, the meeting was held at the residence of Sondrosing Singnar. Borsing Timung was appointed as president, Mohori Bey was appointed as secretary and 37 persons were selected as members for the better functioning of the party.

At Matikhula, the meeting was held at Matikhula LP School. After a series of discussion, the meeting appointed Burasing Timung as president, Sing Kro as secretary and 37 persons were appointed as members from the right wing whereas, for the Matikhula left wing polling station,  Harsing Timung was appointed as president and Bhupen Timung as secretary respectively. At Pung Aji PCC left wing, Bijoy Kro was appointed as the president and Angjok Engti where as in right wing, Longbi Hanse and Bidyasing Killing were appointed as president and secetary and Mongalsing Hanse was appointed as adviser. Each branch has inducted 37 members to the newly formed body.