A luncheon has been arranged in memory of our son/brother/uncle/grandfather Digen Phangcho. Therefore, we request you all to join us in sharing his memories together at our home.

Venue: Own Residence at Longjonsarpo,
St. Mary’s School Road, Diphu
Date: August 7, 2018.
Time: 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Family Members:

Mahindra Phangcho,
Rubi Phangchopi,
Si-im Taro,
Kameng Rongpipi,
Larim Taropi,
Edwin Taro,
Sika Phangchopi,
Bob Taro,
Mary Mirdan Beypi,
Anbolyn Taropi,
Klengsarpo Teron,
Baby Q Taropi and
Ajith Pillai.