A Short Introduction About KNCA


Protima Engheepi
General Secretary KNCA

The Karbi Nimso Chingthur Asong (KNCA) is a progressive Karbi Women’s Association founded on 1st August, 1986 at Dongkamukam, West Karbi Anglong. The founding President was Seema Ronghangpi and General Secretary was Anjali Teronpi of Dongkamukam. Since its inception KNCA has been fighting for women’s right in Karbi Society and joined the Autonomous State (Hemprek) movement lead by ASDC/CPI(ML) under Article 244(A) of the Indian Constitution comprising Karbi Anglong and North Cachar Hills now Dima Hasao from 1986 onward.

Earlier KNCA is confined only among the Karbi Society, but later on it took in the hardiest leadership of the entire womenfolk in Karbi Anglong, under the KNCA leadership banner AIPWA Karbi Anglong Committee was formed in 1996. In order to strengthen the women’s movement in Karbi Anglong jointly the KNCA and AIPWA has fought together against all forms of violence on women, whether state repression by the police/army, terrorists or individual outfit of the society. KNCA fight against the male domination (Patriarchy) system of the society. KNCA is based on oppressed peoples struggle and especially for the interest of entire womenfolk.

KNCA based on Women upliftment. Anybody who attain the age of 15 years can become a general member of KNCA. She must ne from the Karbi Community. She must obey the rules and regulation of KNCA constitution. There is also provision of lifetime membership in KNCA.

Vision and Mission of KNCA:
KNCA stands for women’s Equality, Dignity and Freedom. Education is alos apart of our campaign. KNCA fight against anti-social elements such as Drugs, Alcohol, Porn Movies, Rape, Murder, Human Trafficking, etc.

KNCA Stands for:
# To upgrade down trodden people in general and women in particular.
# To liberate women from Feudal/Patriarchal thinking of the society.
# To upgrade the status of women equally to man in the society.
# To educate women on their rights.
# To build up Vibrant and quality leadership.
# To participate in all level of policy and decision making process/body.
# To encourage women in power sharing in politics.

In the history of Karbi Anglong politics, Mrs. Kabon Ingtipi was the first woman to become MAC, EM of KAAC, under the leadership of KNCA. Some leadership became Chairperson of CDC, Town Committee and Ward Commissioners etc.

Objectives of the KNCA Organization structure:
1. Central Committee.
2. Regional Committee.
3. Branch committee/Ward Committee.

Central committee is the think-tank of the organization. It has standing committee consists of office bearers and executive member. The whole body is called as Central Committee. We have six regional committees. Those are:-
i. Diphu Regional Committee
ii. Bokajan Regional Committee.
iii. Dokmoka Regional Committee.
iv. Kaziranga Regional Committee.
v. Hamren Regional Committee (West Karbi Anglong).
vi. Umrongso Regional Committee (Dima Hasao).

The total branch is 94 as previous record, but some branches were defunct and including Umrongso regional committee.

The Headquarter of the KNCA is shifted in Diphu, but previously it was in Dongkamukam of West Karbi Anglong. The Central Committee office at Diphu was constructed and inaugurated during the tenure of MP Dr. Jayanta Rongpi. The office was constructed under MP Local Area Development Scheme in the financial years 1994-95.

Activities, Programme and Challenges of KNCA:
The day to day activities of KNCA is going on in full swing. If necessary, then the Central Committee convened the meeting further discussion. Central programme were conducted by Central Committee, Regional and Branch committee follow the directives of Central Committee.

The Regional and Branch Committee can take program relating to local issues; both the committees were either selected or elected in the conference.

Today KNCA is well known to all. Its represent State, National and International level through its activities and programme, it is a unique women organization in Karbi Anglong and especially highlights the women related issue.

KNCA is nonprofit organization, but fight for women rights relating to Socio-Culture, Economical and Political.

The rape victims of Langmili 12-year minor girl get compensation amount Rs.50, 000 and 10,000 each for three molested women in 2005 by the Assam Police. In 2015, two minor girls were raped victims also get preliminary compensation from the District Legal Services, Golaghat. In Khorsim Athoi rape incident was committed by 8 officials personal of Jatt Regiments and the victim get compensation from District Administrations & KAAC Authority. In 2017, Junaki Milikpi, victims of gang-rape and murder of Borkok village, her family also get ex-gratia as compensation from District Legal Services Authority, Golaghat.

Monitoring and Evaluation:
The Central Committee monitors the Regional and Branch committee. The tenure of Central Committee is two years. In every two years the committee has to renew in conference process, sometimes it may extend. Sometime Regional and Branch Committee considered as reshuffle in the extended meeting to continue the functioning of the body.

The KNCA requests entire womenfolk including intellectuals, employee & SGH and all sections of the society to co-operate for the greater interest of women upliftment in the society.

“KNCA Long Live”