Orgs hold meeting for prayer and ritual programme


DIPHU, Jul 25: A meeting was convened by several organizations in Karbi Anglong at Karbi Lammet Amei office premises to discuss on mass prayer on behalf of Kangthilangso incident and the consequences many innocent public of the area were facing after the brutal incident.

The meeting was attended by several Karbi leaders who include Saising Rongpi, Samsing Hanse, Jona Teron, Lunse Timung, Rakesh Sing Teron, Suren Kramsa and others.

The meeting resolved to hold a joint prayer meeting at Panjuri Kachari village, the spot where the brutal incident took place. To make the event successful, a committee was formed in which HTL convenor Saising Rongpi, Luse Timung, Samsing Hanse, Jona Teron, Jensing Ronghang and Dhormo Teron will administer it.

The programme will be executed by HTL, KRAA, HMA, KAKA, Karbi Lammet Amei, Karbi Cultural Society, Karbi Farmers’ Association, Karbi National Assembly, Karbi Students & Youth Council (KSYC), KUYA and others.