Awareness Programme by DSCG at Dimainu Village in Dima Hasao


HALFLONG, Jul 20: With a motive to visit the rural and unexplored villages of Dima Hasao, the Dimasa Students’ Community, Guwahati (DSCG) organized 3- Day Awareness Campaign from July 6-8, 2018 to raise an awareness on education with a topics sustainable livelihood, health and hygiene, voting rights and significance of education at Dimainu village under Dehangi Constituency, (117 KM away from the district headquarter Haflong).

The programme was attended by hundred of villagers from Dimainu and nearby villages namely Notun Dimainu and Droho (15 KM from Dimainu).

Altogether a team of 17 members of DSCG including its ex-President Mridul Daolagupu, ex-General Secretary Sarporaj Hojai, President Rohit Kemprai, General Secretary, Ashringdao Bathari, Vice president Himsiring Hapila, AGS Rytham Thaosen and other members of DSCG participated in the programme.

The team was warmly welcome by the villagers with traditional dance. On the first day the DSCG organized a drawing competition for the children.

“Road communication from Thanalambra to Dimainu is less distance than communicating via Old-new Sangbar road, so an initiative may be taken to complete the construction of the road.” informed the DSCG members.

While speaking to our correspondent, AGS Rytham Thaosen said that Dimainu village is one of the oldest villages in the district which was established during the British rules, but the village is still deprived of basic facilities. “It’s one of the most beautiful and clean village we have ever visited but sadly people aren’t aware about it. The village is surrounded by the beautiful Borail range with rich flora and fauna. The villagers were more beautiful they welcomed us with such a beautiful gesture and helped us in every possible way. They shared their sadness that no organization ever visited their place before and we were the first one to do so and they also shared about the poor road connectivity and even added that when any of their villager is ill they aren’t able to take them to the hospital because of the poor road connection and the only thing they could do is to wait and pray to God.” Thaosen added.

He also urged the government to boost tourism of that place as it is rich in flora and fauna and to provide basic facilities which they were ignored for long and also to ban the illegal smuggling of timber from the areas as its destroy the beautiful nature.

Other hand DSCG President Rohit Kemprai informed that after reaching Dimainu village they interact with the village headman and the youths of the village and came to know that the village was established during the British era in 1913.  “Till now the Village remain unknown and unexplored, many people are still unaware of the village that was our sole reason to visit those unexplored places. “When we have interacted them we could see some hope in their eyes because we are the first to visit in their villages to conduct an event,” Kemprai said. The innocent villagers asked if they could be facilitated with good roads connectivity, Bridge, Schools, Community Hall and Electricity it would be a great relieve.