Kusumi Rajioung
Tourism industry plays a very important role in economic development of any region. As Karbi Anglong district or the land of the Karbi’s may well be called the heart-beat of Assam. This beautiful, large sprawling district lies in the centre of Assam.

The beautiful district of Karbi Anglong spanning from 25.33′-26.35′ N latitude to 92.10′-93.50′ N longitude, with its headquarters in Diphu, this district is the largest district of Assam and it is well connected with other districts also. Karbi Anglong is a full of natural beauty. About 85% of the district is covered by hills. The highest peak in the district is named as Singhason, rises to a highest of 1,360m. The district is full of natural beauty. Due to variation in the topography, this hill zone experiences different climates in different parts. The winter commences from October and continues till February. During summer, the atmosphere becomes sultry. The temperature ranges from 6˚ to 12˚ and 23˚ to 32˚ Celsius in summer. The average rainfall is about 2,416m.

The historical and archeological important places lapping in the nature of Karbi Anglong can be known briefly with the well known destination are as follows:-

Amreng:- Amreng is located at 120 kms from Diphu. Amreng is a river cape situated between kopili river and its tributaries. Amreng river is surrounded by natural beauties with surging blue waters meandering around huge one-piece boulder where one can indulge in dignified solitary outgoing. There is a Tourist Bungalow over-looking the splendid Amreng river.

Khanduli:- Khanduli is located at 26 kms, from Hamren. The place is bounds with conifer trees dreaming sleazily in the mild sunlight. It is a complete contrast to the noisy bustling activities of a town or a city. There is an air of timelessness, an agelessness about the place that invokes a feeling of peace and calmness and beauty.

Koka:- Koka is only 10 minutes walk from the Amreng tourist bungalow on the bank of the Kopili river, it is riddled with cluster of waterfalls, the waters invited blue, the beauty enticing and a sure feast for the sore eyes.

Silbheta:- Silbheta is a favourite picnic spot for a pleasant outdoor trip, located at distance of 37 kms from Diphu and is surrounded by the rain forest by side of the National Highway-36.

Garampani:– Garampani is a sanctuary of Nambor Reserve Forest. There is a hot water spring, believed to have healing qualities. People around the state visit Karbi Anglong to delight themselves with the beautiful evergreen surrounding of the place. It is located at113 kms, from Diphu under the Bokajan sub-division.

The fairs and festivals in Karbi Anglong are very colourful commemorations of religious or histirical events or celebrations of the change of seasons. They reflect the vigour and life style of its people. Some of the major festivals are Rongker, Haccha-Kekan, Chojun and Chomangkan which are the attraction of the tourist. Kaziranga wildlife sanctuary and Marat Longri wildlife sanctuary are the home for wild animals where nature has been protected and conserved from the mouth of extinction. These places can also serve as a better tourist attraction.

Karbi Anglong is a land of diversity. It has different caste and creed, customs, dresses, culture and languages. So, the visitor would be highly pleased when they would see all these different communities living together. The Karbi’s are also well-known for its cane and bamboo products. Handicrafts products are the main source for the betterment of tourism.

So, we have seen that there are large numbers of attractions for the tourists to visit Karbi Anglong. But tourism has not yet been developed mainly because of some problems. This are the bandh culture, lack of infrastructure, lack of proper transport and communication, lack of proper education, lack of proper planning and policies in the heart of the authorities, and insurgency is the root cause that mostly affect tourism industry.

For the advancement of the tourism and the attraction there should be wide publicity, promoting good transport and communication facilities, clean accommodation, 24 hrs power and water supply, sufficient services of tourist guide, central infrastructure fund to be develop, the government must introduce tourism policies for safeguard.

These measures will encourage a large number of tourists to visit this beautiful land of ours. No doubt, Karbi Anglong has tremendous tourism potentialities with its scenic beauties and culture, but with a scarcity of proper tourism management and marketing.

And all this are not possible without the whole hearted evolvement of local people it would be not in a position to develop this sector. Therefore all categories of people in this region must come forward and take this as a challenge by creating and offering all such required facilities educating and creating awareness among the maser about the tremendous prospect of tourism in the region in offering all kind of hospitalities to the tourist.