Kusumi Rajioung
As the world is developing, the necessity of education is increasing day by day. But due to several impediments, the education graph is retrograding year after year. In Karbi Anglong, one of the most important factors for the deteriorating of education is the lack of proper educational system. The present education system in Karbi Anglong district is not satisfactory with the respect to competitive world. The district has very low percentage of literacy. Examples can be traced through the 2018 HSLC results. It is clearly shown that HSLC results of Karbi Anglong holds a pass percentage of only 42.67% lying at the bottom line comparing to other districts of the state.

Altogether 13,941 candidates appeared from the entire district in the HSLC exam out of which only 5,941 candidates managed to pass.

This shows that the district is deteriorating in the field of education. It is not only the HSLC results that have shown deficiency in educational spheres. The Higher Secondary results were also not satisfactory. Karbi Anglong was the least performing district this year with 56.39% from the entire region. According to 2011 census, the literacy rate of Karbi Anglong is 73.52, which is low in comparison to other districts of Assam.

The causes of deterioration of education cannot be blamed to the students only. The administration is also responsible for the consequences as most of the students are forbidden of free access to the college campus for classes.

Secondly, now a days the professors and teachers are severely engaged in the polling duty or NRC duty, preventing them to take classes for the students.

Besides this, the secondary school students of Karbi Anglong district suffer from due to insurgency activities in the region. The insurgent groups call Karbi Anglong bandh from time to time and sometime even during the time of the examination. Due to the following reasons, classes were compelled to get cancelled, which became the major factor for educational deterioration in the district. On the other hand, the society and parents are the also highly responsible for a low pass percentage in the exam. The people and even some of the parents are not very much aware to assist their children to bring them to the study table. On reaching college level, many parents thought that their child are matured and grown up. Due to this thinking, many students are their own master, and without anyone’s guidance. And it is a known fact that, when students are their own master at such a tender age, less good things emerges out of their performance.

Hence, to solve these problems, the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council authority, society and the administration should work equally hand in hand as it is very much necessary for the creation of a better qualified society.