Fear Psychosis of ‘Child Lifter’ Grips the Mind of People in Dima Hasao District


HALFLONG, Jul 6: Following the recent incident of Mahur in Dima Hasao district on rumours of child lifter where three ‘sadhus’ travelling through the town were suspected as child lifters and hundreds of people gathered however the situation was immediately brought under control when the police and army personnel came to rescue them. Their belongings that included cloths, mouth spray and other medicines were suspiciously rummaged and to further aggravated after the pictures were shared on social media.

As the rumors of ‘child lifter’ is spreading like a wild fire in the district yesterday two salesmen were surrounded by numbers of people suspecting to be child lifter near Assam Oil petrol pump in Haflong, luckily police reach the spot and bring the situation under control. The duo salesmen were in Dima Hasao since few days and came from Mahur to sells their goods in Haflong, when the salesmen said they had come from Mahur, the people around there suspected them to be partners of the sadhus (who were kept captive in Mahur) and started checking their belongings. Some comments were seen instigating to kill them, burn them alive while in social media post.

Last night in Mahadev Tilla there was a rumors that some unknown person had sprayed a lady and crowded the areas. Later when on asking the lady she said that someone had pointed torch light at her house. On asking the neighbor they said that the lady was coward and must have illusion. In Hill Haflong area altercation took places between few peoples over some other reason, on hearing people nearby came and beaten up one person, later one then clarify that he was not a child lifter and they were quarreling for some other reason.

It was also reported that in some remotes parts of the district, due to the fear of child lifter people don’t sleep at night and also had hallucination of someone around their houses. Even some said they had a vision of black figures running etc

Other hand the Village Defense Party in every villages in Haflong and different part of the dist. has been activated due to fear of child lifter.

On Thursday the District Administration under the guidance of Deputy Commissioner Amitabh Rajkhowa and Superintendent of Police Prasanta Saikia called for an emergency meeting at Haflong circuit house which was also attended by leaders of different communities, women organizations, students’ bodies and others. They have jointly appealed to the public specially the people of Dima Hasao to act responsibly and not to be swayed away by all rumours instigating hatred mostly in the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.

Earlier the district administration has attempted to prevent people from believing such fake news which do not have any base or authenticity, the reports of which such incidents are seen reported in social media.

Other hand the District Administration appeal to the people of the district not to take law into their hands and to report the authorities immediately of any suspicious if noticed and also appealed to people to widely circulate the helpline number/ WhatsApp for any help or report +91 9435422555/ +91 8638389873.