We will not Allow Shifting Dubajan Sewaguri LP School from our Village: Villagers


BOKAJAN, Jun 16: The authority of Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) has approved to shift at least twelve (12) LP Schools under Bokajan LA Constituency, sources said on Saturday.

Dubajan Sewaguri LP School that was established under 23 Bokajan MAC constituency was also in the list and the public in the area including the parents and guardians of the students has shown their resentment over the order issued by KAAC authority.

In an emergency meeting held today at around 11:00 AM, the villagers in the area demand the authority not to shift the school otherwise the poor and downtrodden students will be deprived from getting education.

They also alleged EM Madhurya Dhekial Phukan and MLA Dr. Numol Momin for their inability to convince the authority not to shift the school from the locality and they should take the blame for it. They also appeal the representatives to speak on their behalf and prevent from shifting the school.

“The school is located in the locality and students are having a suitable atmosphere to get education as they don’t need to walk far distances. But if it is shifted, the students will have a difficult times as they will be compelled to walk a long distance,” said one of the parents.