Ex-MLA and Leaders Visit Flood Affected Area in Dolamara


Distribute Food Items to Families

DOLAMARA, Jun 16: Ex-MLA Klengdoon Engti, DMCC vice president Daniel Terang, DYCC president Romen Teron, Nilip MCC president Rajen Ingti, Duarbagori MCC president Rensing Teron and host of other leaders today visited flood affected areas of Dolamara under Duarbagori MAC Constituency.

During the visit, the leaders also distributed relief materials to the affected families at Dolamara, cultural complex. The distribution programme was initiated by DMCC vice president Daniel Terang and DYCC president Romen Teron.
Food items like rice, salt, dal and oil were handed over to the families totaling about 69 families of both proper Dolamara and No. 2 Dolamara area.

On Friday, there was also essential commodities distribution programme to flood victims by MAC Richard Tokbi. He had also handed over a sum of Rs. 5000/- to the affected families but it was alleged that Porsuram Terang and another two families where they couldn’t attend the programme were received only Rs. 4000/- from one of the BLCC members.

Source informed that that many houses and vast area of crops have been completely submerged in the latest flood which has become more regular in the area.

Local residents said that flood in the area is very worrying as the scale and current of inundation has never been seen as such for the past several years.

Though the state has put the number of flood hit people to 3, 86,570, yet the number of affected people in both the district of Karbi Anglong is not added at the moment and may rise up.