Publics Ransacks a Shop at Hamren


HAMREN, May 2: Public of Hamren demolished a shop belonging to one Pradip Roy located at the heart of Hamren town for illegally selling of drugs report said on Wednesday.

According to report Hamren police arrested a person few months ago for illegal selling of drugs from his owned shop.

The incident to ransacking took placed after the shopkeeper Pradip Roy re-opened his shop after obtaining bail from the court. He was earlier warned by Karbi Student Association (KSA) a couple of time for his illegal involvement in selling of drugs in the area but he continued his illegal business and later he was caught red handed by the student’s body who handed him to the Police. During that time he promised not to open his shop and will leave Hamren but as as soon after his release he opened his shop by overlooking his assurance made in front of Police, KSA and public following which the public ransacked his shop today.

Pradip Roy was not given permission for reopening of the shop and all was done by his own will, said OC Hamren Police station while answering the queries of the reporters.

The news of the ransack however drew an adverse impact as some people gathered in front of the police station and raised a commotion, demanding that the police to hand over the arrested man to them and at times trying to make their way inside the police station. Later, the police shot a blank fire to disperse the mob gathered at the site.