Longki Teron, SGB of No.2 Chokihola no more


DIPHU, Apr 28: The 85 years old Longki Teron, SGB (Sarkari Goan Bura) of No.2 Chokihola under Silonijan ARO Circle passed away on Thursday around 7:30 PM at his own resident, sources said.

Late Longki Teron is son of late Monsing Terona and late Basapi Tisso of Gudam Teron village of Chokihola. He was born in the year 1933. He married to Late Kareng Singnarpi daughter of late Patoram Singnar and Late Kareng Singnarpi of Koilamati Singnar village. He served SGB for the past 43 years starting from 1962. During his tenure as SGB, he equally treated to all communities living his area with love and care. His sudden demised is a great loss for the people in the area.