Three Coal-Laden Trucks Seized at Hamren


Dharamsing Phangcho
HAMREN, Apr 27: Hamren police seized three coal laden trucks coming from Meghalaya state on Thursday night, police sources said.

The coal was coming from neighbouring Meghalaya State taking opportunity of the safest NEC road from Khanduli to Kampur or Raha via Hamren. The illegal activities are carried out by coal mafias with the help of some locals. Due to overloading coal trucks which are running every night, the road condition became quite deplorable.

Every night around 12 to 2:00 AM coal trucks are seen coming from Meghalaya and we appeal the authority to look into the matter seriously.

According to sources the officials of Hamren Forest Division are making good relationship with those coal mafias and under the blanket cover of those officials several coal laden trucks are fly-by-night through Hamren to other parts of the state. Illegal exportation of coal continues in the region and this time the transportation was seen in Hamren. Despite the order by NGT to ban all illegal coalmining and supply several trucks are seen per day in smuggling coal to Assam through Hamren.