Palm Sunday celebrated across the district


Diphu, Mar 25: To signify and celebrate the victory and triumphal entry of Jesus to Jerusalem, different churches including Baptist, Presbyterian, Catholic in the district celebrated Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday that initiates the Christians into the Holy Week today.

Hundreds of believers staff took part in the procession holding palm leaves, placards that reads “Jesus is the king of King”, “Hosanna to the highest” and “Glory to the highest” etc.
Christians across the district including Diphu, Bokajan, Howraghat and West Karbi Anglong, were seen singing praises of Jesus, the King, beating drums and shouting Hosanna to the King along the roadside spreading the message of Palm Sunday.

Father, pastor, church elders were seen leading the procession. Palm Sunday in most Christian churches involves the distribution of palms and a commemoration of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem amidst shouts of Hosanna. Humility is above all God’s way: God humbles himself to walk with his people, to put up with their infidelity. This is clear when we read the Book of Exodus. How humiliating for the Lord to hear all that grumbling, all those complaints against Moses, but ultimately against him, their Father, who brought them out of slavery and was leading them on the journey through the desert to the land of freedom.