Sex Video of a Girl made Viral in West Karbi Anglong


DONKAMUKAM, Mar 13: Social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram etc. is nowadays became the cheapest and easiest means of platform for spreading messages, videos and picture for good as well as for bad and most common is among teenage students and college goers who are much eager and interested to look the naked picture and at sometimes spreading them for no reason.

Similar such instances case of sex video became viral in West Karbi Anglong district from a village called Rongkuroi and became widely talk of the area for a past couple days.

A teenager whose name was Saili Englengpi (name change) whose face was quite similar to that one who acted in the porno video became viral.

Her parents lodged an FIR at Donkamukam Police Outpost against two youths of the same village namely Demo Ronghang ( name change) and Sedi Tisso ( name change) both of them in their 18 accusing them of spreading the video in the area saying that it was Saili who acted, and police today picked up both the persons.

However, both the parties reconciled themselves before the Officer in charge of the Outpost for good and confess of their guilty.