LRNA Observes its 3rd Foundation Day


HAMREN, Mar 13: The Langmet Riso Nimso Asong (LRNA) on Tuesday observed its 3rd foundation day amid much gaiety and valor at Langmet, 10 kilometers away from Hamren.

Formed in the year 2015 by a group of educated youths in collaboration with the village headman, Longri Habe and other dignitaries, the organization was formed with an intention to create awareness in their village in respect of cleanliness, education and other things.

The villagers also expressed their disappointment on MLA Dr. Mansing Rongpi, KAAC EM Rupsing Teron, VDC chairman, ex-Board chairman etc for failing to turn up as per their promises.

“They should have at least told us that they are not coming or send their representatives on their behalf. We have invited them and after getting positive response from them had told the villagers that they will be coming to our village as guests. We also wrote a memorandum to KAAC CEM Tuliram Ronghang noting our grievances and problems faced by us in the village. After getting information from LRNA president at around 4:00 pm that they will not be coming, we were forced to wind up our meeting and were compelled to send our memorandum in the hands of journalists who came to witness the event,” the villagers stated.

In the memorandum, the organization has demanded black topping road from Hamren to Tirkim, Langmet, Birik-Longtar, Harlonglangdo, Rongkor to Borpu NEC road, playground, community hall, RCC ring well and land patta for Langmet area respectively.

Today’s meeting was presided over by LRNA president Pradip Kro while agenda of the meeting was read out by Secretary Bikram Kro. Several personalities who include longri habe Mohen Kro, Dhonsing Kro and others attended the programme. The event concluded with words of encouragement among the educated youths and discussion on how to uplift their village further in the field of education, cleanliness, unity and others.