KPLT’s support statement may be implanted by anti-ST forces: 24+ Orgs


A handle to anti-ST forces to suppress the marginalized tribes further

DIPHU, Mar 12: The 24+ Organizations has expressed concern at the statement over the news claim of the KPLT expressing support to the 24+Orgs on land issue, stating that such news item can be implanted in the media by anti-scheduled tribes forces to insinuate their organizations of having link with the underground organization. This was stated in a press note issued today.

The press note issued on behalf of the 24+Organizations and jointly signed by adviser IAS (Rtd) J.I. Kathar, convener Dhansing Ronghang, Ratan Terang, CWC Semson Teron and member Angtong Engti said, “The 24+Organizations want all who are concerned, to know that the KPLT nor any underground organization have never told us in any manner that they support the 24+Organizations in our effort to protect the land of the Scheduled Tribes in Sixth Schedule Areas.”

The organization in their serious statement said that the news items published on March 6, 2018, could be implanted by the anti-ST forces to enable them to indict them of having links with underground organization and use it like a handle to suppress the voice of the marginalized scheduled tribes of Karbi Anglong further.

“This news items is providing a pretext to the anti-Scheduled Tribes forces to kill immocent tribesmen or to file FIRs under non-bailable sections of law or to enable them to fabricate cases for arresting them under NSA,” said the organization. Further the organization reminded that it is more so, because ASFPA is in force in Assam.

“We assert that we have no link with any underground extremist organization. Whoever has sent the news item to the press, has given a handle to the Banga Sena and its collaborators to suppress the voice of the marginalized scheduled tribes people of Karbi Anglong,” added the statement.

In addition to this the organization said, “The 24+Organizations are struggling constitutionally and non-violently to pressurize the MP, MLAs and MACs elected by the people, to implement the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution of India in letter and in spirit. It is their bounden duty to implement it, but they have not implemented it. Because of non-implementation of the Sixth Schedule, the Scheduled Hills Tribes are losing their lands, jobs, sources of their livelihood, educational facilities, health, moral character and their political power. Thousands of Karbi youths have left Karbi Anglong and migrated to metro cities in search of jobs where many boys have become servants and slaves and our girls are reported to have become domestic servants and prostitutes which have defamed the name of Karbi tribe.”

“Many of them are reported to have died or are missing, and many have joined extremist Banga Sena of anti-national Government of Bangabhumi. Whoever may have sent the news item to the press, is requested to note this seriously,” concluded the organization.