Healing Hearts Project Seeks Financial Support for Angthik’s Treatment


DIPHU, Feb 28: The ‘Healing Hearts Project’, an initiative of few likeminded youths to help the poor and needy in the district appeal to extend financial helps to Angthik Teron, a minor boy from Matipung, Diphu who undergone eye surgery due to Retinoblastoma cancer.

After several rounds of chemotherapy at Dr. B. Borooah Cancer Institute, Guwahati, Angthik is now recovering.

“The doctor said that he is now free from Retinoblastoma cancer but suggested to still continue with the chemotherapy process for another 5 months that means 5 more chemo cycle is needed so that the boy don’t have any complications later,” Healing Hearts Project sources said.

Earlier, Angthik has completed his 7 round of chemotherapy and now we are trying our best so that we can secure his future. But, financially we are not sound. We didn’t received any help from other elected KAAC representatives but not to forget KAAC Chairman Horensing Bey, he individually contributed for the 3rd Chemo once and it’s not enough.

The project members said that they have received support and love from the Facebook community for Angthik’s treatment and thank everyone by saying that that humanity still exist. And also appeal the KAAC elected representatives to lend their helping hand for Angthik till he is fully recovered.