DoB of Ru Semson Sing Ingti Erroneously Inscribed in One of his Memorial Park in Diphu


UKYA Appeal Authority to Rectify the Error at the Earliest

DIPHU, Feb 28: Ru Semson sing Ingti, widely known as the founder of Karbi Anglong have played a pivotal role in shaping and building present Karbi Anglong districts.
But after the formation of the United Mikir Hills and North Cachar Hills, a new district on November 17, 1951 and founded Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council on June 23, 1952, this noble soul never been received what he was supposed to be received from the people. He was defeated in election due to his beliefs or religion during the first election of the district council. And after his death, controversy arise on the date of his birth and death and this controversy still remain today. This is how we have been revering this great soul of Karbi Anglong, said the United Karbi Youth Association (UKYA) in a press communique on Wednesday.

“On this great day, KAAC authority has commemorated the 70th Death Anniversary of Ru Semson sing Ingti. But shockingly and shamefully they didn’t realize that the date of birth written on the plaque at the statue of Ru Semson sing Ingti Memorial Park in front of Assam Oil Petrol Pump was wrongly inscribed. His date of birth was inscribed as 28th Feb. 1910 which is a great mistake and an insult to the great noble soul which the authority need accept their mistake,” added the statement.

They further stated that such negligence from the part of KAAC authority shows their lackadaisical attitude and insincerity in honouring the father of Karbi Anglong. And also such kind of negligence is highly condemnable.

The UKYA appeal the KAAC authority to rectify the errors as early as possible. And also appeal them to be sincere in the future activities or action so that such kind of negligence could be avoided.