Diphu Govt. College-KCS Unit Reshuffled


DIPHU, Jan 21: Ahead of Karbi Youth Festival (KYF) which scheduled be held next month, the Diphu Government College (DGC) Karbi Cultural Society (KCS) unit made a reshuffle in a meeting held at the College playground here in Diphu today.

The meeting was presided over by Sar-im Tisso and was assisted by Mukrang Bey who introduced and gave a warm welcome to the guests and all the members present at the meeting. Present at the meeting as guests and observer include invited guest from Singhason Zone Longkiri Teron, ex-member Mongol Killing, DGCSUS general secretary Jeevan Terang, debating secretary Homsira Ronghangpi, major games secretary Surkan Ingti, minor games secretary Sarpakleng Rongphar, AGS Khonsing Tisso, Serdihun Girl Hostel Monitor Lirbon Timungpi, Rasinja Girl Hostel Monitor Iris Killingpi, Waisong Boys Hostel Monitor Chesong Rongpi and Karbi Jutang Aterank president Sarlongki Rongpi, Fineness Secretary Singja Tisso and social workers Thomas Engti, Endarson Engti and Bhisop Engti among others.

The KCS-DGC unit took resolution to continue participate in the 44th Karbi Youth Festival to be held in the month of February. During the meeting Songja Tisso was unanimously appointed president and Mukrang Bey as secretary of the unit. Among other members who were unanimously appointed include Fineness Secretary Jeevan Terang, organizing secretary Thomas Engti, office secretary and Chesong Rongpi.

During discussion several members of the KCS -DGC unit expressed their views that the young general must now come out, come forward and make themselves available for betterment of their society’s work.

While speaking at the meeting, the DGC KCS unit ex-president Mongol Killing also expressed his gratitude towards the organizer stating for inviting him to the crucial meeting.