To Reach to the Mark


Years I have yearn for to reach to the mark.
Half is gone and half yet to face.
Looking at the past makes me cry,
Heading for the future makes me smile.

Now, the hardest phase to face,
Yet it’s crucial to go by its way.
Present will decide the past and future,
Whether it was right or to be wrong forever.

Before, is gone forever,
Your deeds let you smile and some to repent.
Some faded their life of joy with the goals of yet to be.
Some wasted their life with over merry and shattered.

After, never know where would be,
But still we hope it as good as it might be.
Expecting from none but expecting from oneself.
A plan of surely to win, to reach to the mark.

Hunmili Teronpi
Rongchingthur, Diphu, ward no.8