Competitive Exams, Assam Students to the Fore


-Hamad M.A.R. Berlashker

Utkarsh Saha and Utkarsh Saha and  Raktim Gautam  Goswami, the first and second rank holders of the recently declared CEE 2017 exams conducted by Dibrugarh University have certain common traits. Both were above average students during their school days.

Yet both had a great dream – to be electronics engineers. That is the smartest career any aspiring engineering student will opt for if not mechanical or aeronautical engineering.Both the students belong to middle class families.  While Saha’s father works in the Postal department in Sibsagar division, his mother is a housewife. Goswami’s father has retired from RBI and mother is a teacher with a government school in Guwahati. While Saha studied in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Nagaon, Goswami was a student of Faculty School.

Both of them attributed their success to sheer hard work, encouragement from parents and friends and other well-wishers.But how could two above averages students emerge as the toppers in one of the toughest competitive exams?”Well, it was due to the two-year long rigorous training we received from a private coaching institute (Concept Education) in Guwahati. The teachers have motivated us to look beyond the borders and made us to aim at national level competition.

They were always there when we had encountered problems and whether it was day or night they helped us to solve them. Without their encouragement and help and above all their constant prodding, probably we would not have reached the top,” admits both Saha and Goswami candidly.Saha is not social media savvy and he does not use Facebook or Whatsapp or such other apps. But Goswami is the opposite.

“Well, internet and social media had helped me enormously. From internet I could learn new things and latest trends in engineering while social media like Facebook and Whatsapp helped me to interact with friends and classmates and we used to discuss our problems openly without shying away. These interactions too helped enormously in my studies and I feel students can learn a lot through these provided the social media is not misused,” said Goswami.While Saha is optimistic of getting his preferred subject, i.e. electronics, Goswami is not that sure.”But I will get admission into any of the top seven IITs of the country even though I may not get electronics since when taken into account the national average my marks (373) are less. But I will be happy with any stream I will be getting, most probably civil engineering,” he said. And he does not mind going to study in any part of the country since according to him he will get a national exposure.Even as our school education, especially Assam’s government schools, are suffering from a plethora of adversities, it is still heartening to note that of late our young boys and girls are making a mark at the national level competitive exams whether it is of civil services, medical or engineering entrance tests.

They have broken the taboo that the students of Assam or for that matter the North East region cannot survive the national level competition.But at the same time we cannot also dismiss the role being played by the private coaching institutes in molding and motivating the students. There are many reputed and genuine coaching institutes in the region now catering to the needs of our competition-craving students.It may also be noted that in the JIPMER 2017, an Assamese girl Syeda Sarbina Haque emerged as the 37th rank holder at the national level competitive exam. She has also got coaching from a private institute in Guwahati.