Two injured in road accident in Dolamara


DOLAMARA, Jan 3: Two persons were injured in a road accident here on Monday last.
Sources said that the incident took place near PWD Office, Dolamara while a young man was riding a motorbike to Kaipholangso water fall for picnic party and unidentified bike hit from the back, in losing control the bike led him to hit a woman who was on her way to attend New Year service at St. Joseph Church, Dolamara.

While speaking to media, she said that she was screaming for help after a while she was picked up by her locality and immediately took her to Malasi State Dispensary. Due to internal injuries and bleeding from her head, she was taken to Jorhat for CT scan and further treatment.

The injured persons were identified as Chesong Tokbi, S/o Mensing Tokbi of Moti Terang village and Sabeth Terangpi, W/o Riso Phangcho of Men Phangcho village.