Hambi Kapathu Tournament Gets Underway in Diphu


DIPHU, Dec 28: The Cultural Affairs Department, KAAC in support from Karbi Traditional Sports Association, Diphu, organised the 5th edition of Hambi Kapathu Tournament, 2017, a Karbi traditional sports which commenced from today at Diphu Cultural Centre Office Premises, Lorulangso, Diphu. The event will be concluded on December 30, 2017.

The tournament was inaugurated by KAAC EM. Rupsing Teron at 9:00 AM, and he was accompanied by ex-EM Bidyasing Rongpi, KCS President, Chandrasing Kro and Local GB.

A total of 21 teams have participated in the tournament and which will be played in KCS Zone wise.

It may be mentioned that Hambi, also known as Simrit and Nicker Bean in English, is used in the traditional game of the Karbi, which according to them originated from the names of two brothers Ham Tungjang and Bi Tungjang, the first to introduce the game. In this game each player denotes a village and three players symbolize three villages. Each player will get two Hambis. One of the Hambi is placed on the ground in a standing position and the other is used while walking. There are twenty five steps to complete the game.

Altogether twelve teams from different KCS zones participated in the sports event.