My Christmas Hope


I dream of a Christmas
When winter freely freezes time,
To feel the touch of the Lord’s heavenly presence on Earth,
Once more transport me to my innocent childhood
When love flowed madly rushing in my heart,
Alike a nursery rhyme!
I dream of a Christmas
When my soul is once more cleansed soft as dew,
In heartfelt gratitude I kneel and cross my hear to pray,
The world comes closer again whispering in my ears to say,
“Worry not…
Happiness and harmony shall now again play merrily every day,
Shining our lives with the fresh morning sunshine anew;
And together we all stand firmly to strongly bid hatred adieu…!
I dream of a Christmas
Where we no longer understand the sense of
The rich and the poor,
In God’s divine bounty we rejoice each moment;
And quench our thirst with the eternal fountain
That springs forever inside the mortal core…
As we learn to freely give
To be only more!
I earnestly dream of a Christmas…

©Swapnajyoti Bordoloi