History and Time is Divided with Jesus


By Naina Rajkumari
Whenever a man like Jesus comes, the world is immediately divided between those who are for him and those who are against him. We cannot find a single person who is indifferent to Jesus. Whenever a Jesus-type is there, immediately the world is divided. Some are for him and some are against him, but nobody is indifferent. It is impossible to be indifferent to Jesus. Whenever we hear the word, either we become a lovers or a hater; we fall in line or we go against; either we follow him or we start working against him.

This happens because a man like Jesus is such a great phenomenon and he is not of this world. He brings to this world something from the beyond. Those who are afraid of the beyond immediately become the enemies; that is their way of protecting themselves. For those who have a desire, a seed hidden somewhere, who have been searching and searching and longing for the beyond, this man becomes charismatic, this man becomes a magnetic force; they fall in his love. They have been waiting for this man for many lives.

History is divided, time is divided, with Jesus. He stands on the boundary. Before Jesus it is as if time was of a different quality; after Jesus time became of a different quality. With Jesus, history starts. His attitude, his approach towards the human mind, is very different from that of a Buddha or a Lao Tzu. The ultimate goal is one, the ultimate flowering is going to be one, but Jesus’ approach is absolutely different. He is unique.
The kingdom of God has been preached as if it is always somewhere else: in time, in space, but always somewhere else – not here and now. It is because of the human mind. The human mind disappears in the present. It lives in the future, in the hope, in the promise of the future; it moves through desire. Desire needs time, desire cannot exist if there is no time. Basically time is not a physical phenomenon, it is psychological. Time is not there outside us, it is the very functioning of our mind that creates time. A Jesus lives without time; we live in time.

Hence, all the buddhas have been emphasizing, “Be desireless! To be desireless we have to be here and now, because then there is no bridge to move into the future or to move anywhere; desire is the bridge. Mind needs time, mind cannot exist without time. The more time you have, the more ground mind has to play, to fool around. Then it can make many, many desires and dreams, and live in those desires and dreams. Priests have always been talking as if heaven is in the future, because only the future can be understood by the mind, and only because of that future can you be exploited – and you also feel at ease.

Jesus said: “If those who lead you say to you, ‘see, the kingdom is in heaven,’ don’t listen to them, otherwise you will miss that kingdom forever and forever. But the kingdom is within you – it is not anywhere else, it is exactly where you are this moment – and it is without you. It is within you and it is without you. It is within you like a center, it is without you like a circumference.”

Jesus says, within plus without is the whole world, within plus without is the whole universe – nothing is left. God is this universe, this whole existence. As it is, it is divine. God has dissolved himself into his creation. He is not like a painter who paints and then remains separate. He is like a dancer who dances and becomes one with the dance – you cannot separate the dancer and the dance. One can separate a painter from the painting, we can separate poetry from the poet, but we cannot separate a dancer from the dance. That is why Hindus call their Shiva, Nataraj, the greatest dancer: because there is no separation, he is in the dance.

If we can understand the dance, we can understand the dancer; if we can catch hold of the dance, we have caught hold of the dancer. If we can love this world, we have loved him. If we penetrate even into a flower we will find him. He is hidden here – and he is not hidden because he tries to hide himself; he is hidden because he is not open. Otherwise, he is an open secret. He is everywhere, all around, within and without.

When Jesus says, “God is the father,” he means all these things: that the universe cares about us and helps us. Not only are we in search of God, God is also in search of us. The universe is not dead and detached, it responds with a loving heart. If we cry, it cries with us; if we laugh, it laughs with us; if we are in pain, existence feels the pain.
Between us and existence there is a deep relationship. Otherwise, why should we be here? Why should we be allowed to exist? This whole universe cares about us and it has brought us up to this point of consciousness, it wants to carry us to the ultimate peak, to the final peak of enlightenment – it helps us in every way.

Jesus further says, “Everybody is the son” – not only Jesus alone. But Christianity cannot exist if everybody is the son, because then there is nothing unique in Jesus. This attitude is false.

Everybody is the son, and still Jesus is unique, because he has recognized it and we are still in search.
The uniqueness is not in the nature of being, the uniqueness exists in the nature of recognition.

Jesus knows this and we don’t know. Hindus have always said that the difference between one who is enlightened and one who is ignorant is not in being, but only in knowing. It is just as if somebody is asleep and one is awake; being is the same, but one who is asleep dreams, and the other do not. Only a shaking is needed. Jesus is awake and we are fast asleep, that is the distinction.

Wishing you all
a Merry Christmas!

Ma Naina