Delegates from Haflong Merchant Meet NCHAC CEM, Debolal Gorlosa for Precision and Development of Markets


Suroj Barman
HAFLONG, Dec 9: A team of delegates from Haflong Merchant Association comprising of members Firaz Langthasa, President Nirmal Singh, Advisor, Subrata Choudhury, General Secretary, Asish Dutta ,Vice president ,Shyamal Nandi, Treasurer and Rana Chanda met N C Hills Autonomous Council CEM Debolal Gorlosa at his residence early in the morning today.

Member delegates at first felicitated NCHAC CEM with Dimasa traditional apparel. While asserting on its commitment to serve the society in various ways engaging in cleanliness program, health camps, taking part in national and other events as required, the member also gave their insights of their association and traders serving the community in general and its members since establishment.

During the interaction, CEM Gorlosa stressed for the greater transparency in the trade and on pricing of the commodities in the district. Gorlosa also briefed on the various development initiatives undertaken in Haflong Market area like setting up of cold storage for which 2.5 corer is sanctioned and work has began where local grower and business man can store their commodities and minimize the damage and losses incurred by them. He also said that new a parking place near Telephone Exchange Haflong will be build and on construction of pay and use toilet in the market for the use of common man with clean services to be maintained by sweepers and who can earn his livelihood.

On the issue of trade licenses and its renewal for the traders who have been doing business in Haflong since decade Gorlosa said all the citizens of the country can do business provided that at first the person get the Dao Tax mandatorily and then Trading Licenses on fulfilling the conditions of the authority of N C Hills Autonomous Council to continue his business to earn their livelihood through their services to the common man while the local , veteran and genuine business man will not be deprived from getting the trade licenses .At present the NCHAC rules includes dao tax labour permit and other formalities, mention be made here that the dao tax is a process which includes police verification of origin of his place of residence of a Indian National and can do business in Dima Hasao after availing trading license and labour license.

CEM Gorlosa also shown concern over protecting the Sixth (6) Schedule area and its people without regard Tribal and Non Tribal living in the district so that the greater interest of the people is not harmed for overall development of the Dima Hasao district and urged to be alert on any infiltration and bad intention leading to effect in to the economy of the district.

He also urged to be alert from encroachers who are using the local people manipulating them in different way for their interest which might cause great loss for tradition and culture of the district which is needed to be safeguarded.

Other hand the member present assured in creating responsiveness among the members traders on total transparency in business between trades and buyer, while giving priority in availing the food license, GSTIN, labour licenses under shop and establishment act. as required. Further to give new height and devoted in serving the people of Haflong and the Dima Hasao district as a whole in co-operation with N C Hills Autonomous Council, Government and other stalk holders.