Borlangso No.2 LP School remains neglected even as it completes 44 years


BOKAJAN, Dec 08: The condition of Borlangso No.2 LP School at Basa Teron Chokihola under Nilip SSA block which was about two-decades-old school is in a pathetic condition, this was reveal by group of reporters who had made a spot visited on Friday.

The managing committee told the media person, “It is regrettable that the condition of the said government LP school deterioration at an alarming rate. KAAC EMs and School Inspector must take an initiative and start a bridging the gap between the world of rich and poor. They should break and dismantle all the barriers that bind these children and confine them to the ugly surrounding.”

“These days, the educational quality has become one of the criteria for the comparison of government schools and private schools. Above all, we need more teachers to coup up with the growing number of the LP school students,” a committee member told.

According to report the school was established in 1974, but they did not received any assistance from the KAAC even after the completion 44 years of its existence, alleged the school managing committee starting from dilapidated condition of school building, infrastructure etc.

The school has fourty five students with only on teacher which is against the students-teachers ratio laid down by the government. To ensure proper teacher-student and student-classroom ratio has been put in place under the right to education; but no correct ratio was maintained. No basic infrastructure and other facilities are not provided to ensure quality education to the students report added.